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It is widely used in heat exchange and air conditioning
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News 2020-11-16    Plate maintenance of plate heat exchanger and understanding of positive displacement heat exchanger
Product overview
The company is specialized in the production of all kinds of heat exchange equipment and air conditioning equipment,
specializing in the design and production of winding, bimetallic rolling sheet, sleeve piece, string piece, and bimetal rolling plate heat pipe.
  • Heat exchanger
  • Air conditioning
  • TL, TTL type surface cooler adopts copper tube with aluminum sheet and copper tube with copper sheet for heat exchange or cooling. The tube hole diameter of the heat exchanger is 16mm, the hole spacing is 38mm, and the sheet spacing is 2.5-3.2mm. The aluminum sheet is corrugated double flanging.
  • GL, SRZ, UN, s type radiators are made of steel pipe wrapped with steel strip or aluminum strip, copper pipe with copper strip, stainless steel with stainless steel strip as heat sink, which is used for steam hot water heating.
  • Flat tube radiator BGL
  • Fuz, FZ, SQR type radiators are made of steel aluminum or copper aluminum composite rolling plates as heat sink tubes, which are used for heat transfer oil or steam heating. Heat pipe heat exchanger, spiral plate heat exchanger, tubular condenser and various air water cooling heat exchangers.
  • SZS, QZS, DZS all stainless steel dry steam humidifier has three forms of manual, steam and electric, which can meet the requirements of environmental humidity.
  • Air cooled heat pump chiller and heater series: It can also be made into commercial (villa type) small-scale series chillers by using 20 cold tons as basic modules.
  • Roof type air conditioning series:The whole refrigeration system is contained in a shell box with integral air treatment equipment, and various functional sections can be added to meet the requirements of constant humidity and constant temperature, or the component pipe type is also made.
  • Fan coil series: mainly four outlet type, horizontal concealed type, horizontal surface mounted type, vertical concealed type, vertical surface mounted type, hanging type, vertical cabinet type and other series products.
  • Fresh air variable air volume unit series: there are three basic forms of ceiling type, horizontal type and vertical type, with air volume from 1000m³ ~ 45000m³.
  • Combined air conditioning series: the product mainly has 12 kinds of rated air volume, and has filtration, cooling, electric heating, steam heating, electric heating and spraying. Primary and middle efficiency air treatment functions.
It is specialized in the research and development of refrigeration equipment, automatic control and constant temperature and humidity energy pipe regulator.
It mainly produces household high-performance and large-scale central air-conditioning chiller and heater unit series, and its supporting terminal equipment series.
About us
The company has nearly 20 years of air conditioning design history, with a group of professional and experienced refrigeration and purification technical engineers, specializing in the development and development of refrigeration equipment, automatic control and constant temperature and humidity energy tube regulator, mainly producing household high-performance and large-scale central air-conditioning cold and hot water unit series, and its supporting terminal equipment series.
Workshop equipment
Excellent manufacturing and testing equipment is a prerequisite for us to provide high quality.
The company has a high-speed automatic punching machine, mechanical pipe machine and vacuum heating drying, cleaning,
high-pressure leak detection and other equipment of high-efficiency heat exchanger production line.
A growing customer base in more areas
Thank many customers for their care and support for our company in the past 20 years.
We provide all kinds of services for our customers with the tenet of "timely delivery, customer first, reputation oriented".
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